Congrats, Navy!  It’s finally here!

For those that don’t know, well over a year ago Rihanna released a snippet of a track that was supposed to be featured on her then untitled upcoming album…and then nothing.  ANTi eventually came out and we heard nothing else about this song except for a snippet that leaked a couple of months ago.  Then it fell out of the sky and onto Apple Music.

Written by Future and produced by Mike Will Made-It, it’s obvious this track doesn’t quite fit into the vibe of ANTi, so you can see why it was dropped, but it’s a hype track nonetheless.  While this isn’t even close the best lyrical work that Future has ever done, the song does make sense as it talks about getting your money up above all else and realizing that you are not promised success or longevity when you do have it.  Rihanna’s imitation of Future’s flow is spot on and the Future adlibs in the background add the needed dimension to balance out the singer’s feminine tone.  The Mike Will Made-It production is dark and full of synth, but manages not to be so dark as to be depressing and keeps from being monotonous with good undertone flourishes that help brighten the track up some.

It’s definitely not a track for everyone, but it’s worth a few listens.

This appears to be the first release from Mike Will Made-It’s long-awaited Ransom 2.  No word on the release date.