The biggest indication we have that JoJo’s third official album is finally on the way is that she has been releasing a steady stream of music since her departure from Blackground.  The latest is release is a leak, but we are here for it.

This is obviously just an extended snippet because the song fades out as she enters the third bridge, but it’s enough to get a feel for the track.  Using a slightly reworked version of the chorus from Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s 80’s hit Relax (along with some of the undertones of the production, from what we can tell), the songstress brags on her ability to seduce and excite the man–or audience–in question.  Either interpretation works as the singer lets un know that this a night [we’ll] remember forever and that she’s the best but [she] keeps getting better.

Her vocals are the seller for the song as she manages to balance her more normalized pop tones with the bigger vocal flourishes that she’s capable of.  The background harmonies she provides and the ebbing of the production from EDM to more R&B keep this track from getting boring and make it a really easy repeat, despite its incomplete runtime.

If we had to guess from the production style, this track may be a few years old, but that could just be an homage to the EDM nature of the original track.  Time will tell if this shows up on her album or, if we’re lucky, on radio stations everywhere.