Kehlani is back with a new look and a new track after her suicide attempt and it’s so appropriate for her.

Sounding a little more pop than her usual fair, the singer speaks on not having to be 100% all the time and that you don’t have to pretend in order to make others feel better or out of fear of being judged.  The singer’s performance is just the right mixture strength, vulnerability, and support as she draws lines between her personal struggles and those that her audience might be going through.  This track absolutely shows off her songwriting ability and what has made her an upcoming powerhouse in the industry.

The biggest issues with the track is the production which, while bright enough for the hopeful message, it does not do enough to support her vocals.  Were Kehlani’s voice a little deeper, it may have been a better fit; instead there is a bit of a disconnect between the voice and melody that comes through at odd moments.  It’s still a solid track though and we hope that its release means that the singer has come through to the other side of her dark moments.