Sal-V Maknae returns with his boys JRE and Kenny to do a pretty nice cover of DΞΔN’s Pour Up.  Sal-V’s voice is like butter and JRE has once again shown improvement even over the cover of You Know from a couple weeks ago.  But the star of the show this time around is the completion of the trio, Kpop reactioner Kenny.

Taking the place of Zico on the track, the normally hyper YouTuber shows off a different side of himself as he plays the cool and confident dude in the club who has the perfect game.  His bars are pretty good and his flow is better than you might think if you’ve seen the non-cover videos on his channel.  He also has shown marked improvement since he started teaming with Sal-V.

Now all we need to know is…when does the album drop?

Click the arrow in the player to download the audio version for free.


And watch the video to see this potential idol group.