DΞΔN is back with his new single and, we have to say, between this track and his first we are really looking forward to him dropping an album.

This track has different feel than I’m Not Sorry.  While that track was definitely more in the R&B wheelhouse, this one has a mellow EDM feel.  This is primarily due to the joint production by Mr. Carmack and esta., but there is also the switch-up in vocal deliver that makes the more mellow vibe work.  His featuring artist this time is site Anderson .Paak and he does a wonderful job of filling in the final verse while matching the lead singer’s tone.  The song, about feeling lovely and not being able to resist the one you’re with, has a surprisingly gentle feel to it considering the subject matter.  While we won’t say it’s romantic, it doesn’t feel completely devoid of deeper affection either, which makes it work in a way that other songs like this sometimes don’t.

The trippy visual that accompanies this track is something we don’t suggest you watch if you’re a little faded yourself…it might freak you out.