Bedroomtrap’n, Vol. 1 : Vampin has finally arrived and demonstrates an evolution of sound for Maryann.  While she’s still teamed up with SBΛCΞ and you can hear the same trippy sound that tinted This Is What The Moon Sounds Like, but there is a more experimental vibe here.  The more traditional track, Lovesick, has been scrapped in favor of tracks like Boots On The Ground that seek to balance the lyrics and production for a dark mood that is equally dependent on both to maintain their personality.

While we would be the first to say that this album isn’t for everyone (the more experimental nature will definitely close some ears), there is something here that makes this work.  While the lyrics don’t follow a traditional poetic structure in many cases, but they make sense.  The structure is more hip-hop meets Lisa Zaran; an abbreviated message with the flow of the words having as much to do with their meaning as the actual words do.

So, in light of that, we suggest you listen to the three songs here to feel things out.  If you like it, click the shopping cart in any of the players to purchase the album.