Singer DΞΔN (Dean) is feeling a little Drake towards his ex now that she’s regretting dropping him now that he’s making it big.  Over a Bellinger-esque production (and since Eric Bellinger guest on the song, that makes sense), the singer talks about all the big things that are going on in his life while his ex is thinking about him.  Both DΞΔN and Bellinger deliver some pretty good vocals on the track as they have good energy and the right attitude (smug but not too asshole) to make the track work.  Unfortunately, this track also suffers from the same lyrical issue as Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off; if you say you’re not thinking about your haters (or in this song’s case, your ex), you probably shouldn’t be writing songs about how you don’t think about them.  Still, despite the problem, this song is enjoyable and is perfect for that moment when you see an old flame that instantly regrets their decisions in your relationship.

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