The leaks keep springing from Chris Brown’s recording sessions and the new one is pretty good.  About Brown trying to keep his composure as he fantasizes about the woman talking to him in the club, there is a bit of a throwback vibe to the production.  His vocals are strong and show the talent that, despite his other issues, has made him last in the industry.  The lyrics are simple but get his point across and the underlying harmonies, while autotuned, do a good job of highlighting essential section of the verses.

Just like the last track, though, the rap he spits towards the end throws things off a little.  This time, though, it’s not as jarring as it was before as the verse fits the mood a little better.

Are these old tracks that the artist is putting out for fans or, just like in the 18 months before X, is someone leaking his new material?  We’ll have to wait and see.