We’ve featured the tracks Pretty and Tsunami by Ambré Perkins and they showed a lot of promise.  Now she has a new freelease that will definitely have people checking for the 18-year-old songstress.  Featuring both personal and fun tracks that have strong lyrical content and show an emerging style, Perkins tells us a story of love, disappointment, and longing.  From our personal favorite, Ghost, that tells the story of her relationship with her father to 90’s Love that tells the story of falling hard for someone, she will have listeners engaged.  Her vocals are gentle but she take full advantage of them and they work with the content she presents.  The only downside might be the production, which can get a little repetitive at times if you aren’t listening closely.  Still, this is a strong first project and definitely something that deserves support.

You can download the tracks individually through the player or get them in a single file by clicking the button below it and following the links.