R&B Artist Toni Braxton

**This article was written by Will of WillCollection.com.


Toni! Toni! Toni! You’ve been a musical constant in my life since before I understood the concept of a music video. My first discovery of you was your Unbreak My Heart video, at the time I didn’t know your name but I knew the video and the song. I was like 10 years old when you won an award for the song at some award show, when they announced your name you stood up and kissed some guy and I remember saying I thought he died thinking that the video was your was telling a real story. I will never claim to be your biggest fan, like I would never claim to be an expert in anything, but I’ve loved you and your music since forever. There’s no celebrity that I have a more high appreciation for then you, I start this article off like this to let you know the following advice comes out of love and appreciation of your work.

Once I understood the concepts of videos and learned your name I found every single track you ever made and I bought every one of your albums (the Christmas one took me forever to obtain) and the one thing I disliked about you is the long breaks you took after each album. By the time you were preparing–not releasing but preparing–another album the last one I had worn out on the CD player. This was very unfortunate and prior to you learning of your illness. While they say art takes time, which is often true, I feel you often don’t comprehend that you’re a legend in music, especially in the R&B genre, while your sales may not reflect that you best believe that when someone sees the name Toni Braxton on a track, whether you’re headlining it or featuring it, they take notice and will listen.

While you have children and have to maintain your health, which are very important things and have the highest priority, I feel that you also need to cement your legacy. I think you need to hit the studio more and do features, if you call up an artist and say hey I would really like to work with you on a track, you will not be turned down because you are a legend. I would love for you to just keep your name and talent in the conversation, hop on a track or two every 6 month and–for your hardcore fans who all resides at Welovetoni.com–you need to release a 3-5 track EP every year just to show them your appreciation. Trust me they will buy your EP, no questions asked; they just need a buy button.The music industry has changed, as have your life circumstances, but the good thing is that you have nothing to prove; there’s no need for you to produce a full-length album or do a world-wide tour.  However, there is a serious need and desire for you to release new music. You should let everyone in the industry know that you’re available for features & collaborations and choose to work with those you want to and the material you like.  Toni, we love you and want to hear more music from you. There’s still adults, both young and old, who experience heartbreak and love and there’s no artist who can package all these emotions within a four minute track and leave a lifelong impact like you. I feel you’re often discouraged by the metrics that industry uses to judge artists but, when it comes to music, the art itself is all that matters.  Toni you’ve mastered the art now it’s time for you to have fun and shower your true fans with new music; you’ll be amazed by the love they have for you. Unbreak our hearts Toni!