Singer John Michael is back with a sexy set for his fans.  Lead off by his male-centric cover of Jazmine Sullivan’s Forever Don’t Last, the Virginia native gives listeners a nice mix of original material and refixes that will satisfy your babymaker and party needs.  His vocals on every song are stunning appropriate to the mood.  When he needs to sound sensuous he does; same for sounding fun or cocky.  The only disappointment is that there isn’t a full version of Hold Me Down.

Michael had a reason for naming his mixtape after the R&B subgenre.  “I chose the title R&BASS because I wanted to highlight that I am an R&B singer and love making music where you actually hear an artist singing. Each song is geared for the deep listener. I write with a lot of allegory so you have to look beyond the surface sometimes.”

You can download the tracks individually (in *.wav format) through the player or through the Mega link (in *.mp3 format) below it.

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